A Simple Year: Cooking

I don’t like cooking, which was the main reason why the April topic of the Simple Year programme did not appeal as much to me as the others. When the monthly email hit my inbox, I opened it reluctantly…

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Dining Table

Who does not love the simplicity and elegance of Scandinavian design? In the past years, I have regularly mentioned the versatile and functional apartment furniture range of BoConcept at my downsizing talks and events. Now they are launching some pretty cool dining tables. Consider our four tips when choosing your table and you won’t get it wrong.

DWS 75: What does Freedom Mean to You?

In this episode of the Downsize with Style podcast, I chat with Freedom Coach Lucille Rogers about letting go of physical stuff, emotional burden and old belief systems to return to yourself and find out what freedom means to you. Lucille and her family left their...

A Simple Year: Travelling with Less

The March theme in the Simple Year programme is Travel. The presenter, Colin Wright, is a young American entrepreneur, who is travelling full-time and whose essays I read at the same time when I discovered The Minimalists in 2014. The goal for this month's activities...

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