Dare to Dance

A midlife memoir.

Dare to Dance is a memoir portraying midlife as an exciting new phase in a woman’s life rather than the beginning of the end.

Part one paints a picture of Bettina’s upbringing in Germany, her family history and the relationship to her mother who introduced her to the world of the Creative Arts at the age of twelve. After finishing high school she is not courageous enough to follow her heart and study interior architecture. Instead, she pursues a career in public relations. In 1994, she meets her husband, an Australian living in Germany. They marry in 2001 and have two sons, Max born in 2002, and Valentin, born in 2005.

In part two, Bettina reflects on the significant turning points in her life: 1998 when she loses her grandmother and mother within a couple of months; 2008, the year she arrives in Australia with her husband and two young boys to start a new chapter of her life. In Sydney, she follows her creative calling and immerses herself in the world of art, writing, and dancing. In 2015, turning 50, she starts drafting her life story. At the end of 2016, the year she enters the unravelling phase of peri-menopause, she and her husband spend a week at GAIA, a wellness retreat in the Hinterland of Byron Bay. Looking forward to a relaxing break, she encounters a series of unexpected events, which culminate in a life-changing, spiritual experience during a Kahuna massage on the 31st December.

Returning to Sydney on the 1st January 2017, she finds herself in a vortex of insecurities, which torment her life on a daily basis. Nothing is at it used to be. Her mind replays the massage over and over again. 90 minutes, which have turned her life upside down. In her confusion, she turns to a life coach. In the following weeks, she realises that roads she has travelled, chapters in her life have come to an end; so has her marriage.

At the same time, a new path is emerging. Although Bettina doesn’t know where it will lead her, she listens to her body and decides to follow her heart. Supported by a new tribe of people, including her coach, her lawyer, her energy healer and her dance teacher, she focuses on living day-by-day trusting her feminine wisdom and the Divine Order. In 2018, she gets divorced and moves into her new home.

Dare to Dance (approx. 80,000 words in length) is an Australian Eat, Pray, Love and takes the reader on Bettina’s journey of exploration, discovery, and awakening to finally live her truth and determined to celebrate the second part of her life, dancing wildly.

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