As a creative mentor, I love helping people transform their creative ideas into practical solutions and accomplish their personal and professional goals.

With a background in public relations and corporate writing, I am passionate about helping business owners tell their unique story with compelling content that addresses their target market. I offer SEO copywriting for web, content writing and content marketing services. I also write freelance for design and lifestyle blogs and magazines.

My passion is interior design. I am the author of Downsize with Style, a practical style guide to create a happy home in a more compact space.

On my blog, you will find posts about my journey to freedom and independence, living with less, things that I love, and writing.

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Here's how to create a happy home in a smaller space. Visit the Downsize with Style book website to learn more about Bettina’s roadmap to downsizing success.


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Latest's Posts from Bettina's Blog

A Simple Year: Travelling with Less

The March theme in the Simple Year programme is Travel. The presenter, Colin Wright, is a young American entrepreneur, who is travelling full-time and whose essays I read at the same time when I discovered The Minimalists in 2014. The goal for this month's activities...

Living with Less: A Simple Year 2017

One morning in early January, I opened my email inbox and found an email from the Minimalists, two American guys, whose writing on minimalism and living a simpler life I followed since 2014. In this email, they promoted the online programme A Simple Year 2017, a year of guided simplicity to make space for the important things in your life. I learned that there would be a new topic each month, such as clutter, food, money, relationships, and busyness, presented by a specialist in this area. When I read through the description on the website, I had the sudden realisation that this is what I would do. I listened to my body and signed up on the same day.

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