It was in 2013 when I first contacted New York-based interior designer Carl Dellatore to ask him if he wanted to contribute some tips to my book Downsize with Style.

Just before Christmas last year, I discovered that Carl had edited a new interior design book published by Rizzoli, New York. The beautiful cover had caught my eye, and I had a closer look on the publisher's website. The subtitle promised '100 Lessons From America's Finest Designers on the Art of Decoration'. Intrigued by these words, I ordered a copy of Interior Design Masterclass. A week later, the 350-page reference book landed on my desk.

A collection of 100 essays

I enjoyed flicking through the pages and started reading some of the chapters. Interior Design Masterclass differs from other coffee table books in that it is a collection of 100 essays from established and upcoming American design professionals, each of them approaching a particular topic around interior design in the form of an essay. With 100 essays, there is a lot to read and digest.

The essays are categorised under the following headlines:

  • Theory
  • Structure
  • Style
  • Process
  • Elements
  • Inspiration


This unique approach adds a breath of fresh air to the interior design book market, which is inundated with coffee table books – at least in Australia – some of which only carry a famous name but deliver little added value for the reader.

A valuable resource

Carl Dellatore has more than reached his goal of delivering a valuable resource of decorating tips for years to come. Plus, this book offers value galore for design students, practitioners around the world and the interested home decorator, who is looking to create a personal and unique interior. Following famous American designer Elsie de Wolfe's mantra: "I am going to make everything around me beautiful."


Interior Design Masterclass offers a view into the world of the finest practitioners in the decorative arts, uncovering the intellectual and philosophic roots of this most ancient and necessary of arts.

Carl Dellatore


Below you can get a glimpse into the pages:


So, if you are looking into building, renovating or sprucing up your home, check out Interior Design Masterclass. The RRP is USD50, but you can order it on Amazon for less than USD40. It's worth having a look!

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