Green is the colour of nature; no wonder that it is so popular. It is calming and relaxing and can make us feel well. Green is one of the trend colours in international colour and furnishing forecasts. In my post Colour and Design Trends 2017 at a Glance you will find a curated link list with the latest trends published by Pantone, Dulux and the Heimtextil Trendtable.

Pantone chose Greenery as the Color of the Year 2017. Greenery is a zesty, juicy green, which will enliven any space. The Heimtextil Trendtable focussed on the motto ‘Back to Nature’ in their trend ‘Natural Explorations’. Dulux incorporated different shades of green in their 2017 forecast: Antidote - A Colour Cure.

To surround yourself with the colour green you don’t necessarily need to paint a room. Think of soft furnishings, wallpaper, bedding and decorator items to make your life greener. Not to forget living plants, of course. They are the easiest way – and a healthy one on top – to improve your wellbeing. No matter if you are downsizing to a smaller home or redecorating, in this post, I would like to share five tips how to get started with greener living.

1. Follow colour and trend forecasts

Check out colour and trend forecasts for recommended colour combinations and examples how to decorate your home. Dulux, for example, not only suggests colour schemes according to their trend forecast but also presents images of interiors using the trend colours as a guideline. You can download the brochure for free and organise colour samples in your local hardware store or Dulux Centre. Buying a test pot is always a good idea to see how the colour works in your space.

2. Browse magazines, blogs or books

Nothing is easier than subscribing to your favourite interior design blogs or magazines. You can always unsubscribe if you feel that you don’t want to get their updates any longer. Invest in a green coffee table book, such as Urban Jungle - Living and Styling with Plants. This book is brimming with DIY inspiration, and how to go about making your home greener. Especially for those of you, who still believe that they don’t have a green thumb. What about letting go of this belief?


3. Be inspired by commercial interiors

I don’t know about you, but I keep seeing vertical gardens everywhere. A few months ago, our local shopping mall reopened, and I was stunned by the beautiful vertical plant installations. Even our local coffee shop has a living room divider. Pot plants decorate cafés, shops, and waiting rooms. Why not your home?

4. Talk to your local florist or flower market

I often hear people say that they don’t want any living plants because they require too much work and care. Sure, you have to water them regularly and look after them from time to time. But how much time does it take you? 10 minutes a week? Are you watching TV every night? For how long? Think about what you could do in that time if you were not watching TV. You will surely find the time to look after your plants. Plus, your florist will direct you towards plants that suit your home and lifestyle if you ask.

Heimtextil 2017-soft-furnishings-green-trend-botanical-prints-inteiror-decorating

Window coverings mirror natural shapes. Image: Jochen Günther, Messe Frankfurt

5. Consider botanical prints and accessories

The world’s largest fair for residential and commercial textiles, Heimtextil, just confirmed that nature is finding its way into our homes and lives. No matter if you look at fabrics for soft furnishings, cushions, window coverings, wallpaper, or bedding – botanical prints and stylised patterns reign. Even the table decoration embraces all things floral. Villeroy and Boch just released a new China called Quinsai Garden, inspired by Marco Polo’s favourite city at the end of the Silk Road. It makes me smile when I look at it.

Heimtextil 2017-soft-furnishings-green-trend-botanical-prints-inteiror-decorating

Botanical wallpaper. Image: Jochen Günther, Messe Frankfurt

Heimtextil 2017-soft-furnishings-green-trend-botanical-prints-inteiror-decorating-green

Create a happy home with fun cushions combined with the zesty Color of the Year. Image: Jochen Günther, Messe Frankfurt

There’s no excuse to enjoy the beauty of plants and flowers, real or fake, in your home. What are you going to do today to introduce green into your life?

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