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Are you looking for home downsizing tips and how to optimise your apartment interior design? It’s no secret that apartment living is becoming more and more popular in Australia. Many people prefer an urban lifestyle close to infrastructure and amenities. As a consequence, they are downsizing to smaller houses, retirement resorts, or (studio) apartments for various reasons: saving money on furniture, appliances and energy, gaining more time for travelling and hobbies, embracing a lifestyle with less stuff and fewer chores to worry about, or starting a new chapter of their life.

By providing these home downsizing resources and interior design tips, I would like to encourage you to make a decision and get started. It is really all about trust and embracing the opportunities that arise when you step out of your comfort zone. One of my yoga teachers once said: “Challenge yourself, you deserve it.” I often think of this phrase when I am facing a difficult decision or starting to procrastinate a particular task or conversation.

On this page, you will find curated home downsizing and apartment interior design resources from my blog and podcast. To make it easier for you, they are sorted under the following categories:

  • Getting Started
  • Home Organisation, De-cluttering
  • Apartment Interior Design
  • Interior Design Styles
  • Home Decor
  • Outdoor Decorating
  • Colour
  • Mood Boards and Creativity
  • Downsizing Case Studies

Apartment Interior Design
Using versatile and functional furniture and knowing how to make a spare room multifunctional are vital steps to enjoy your apartment lifestyle from day one.

DWS 53: Multi-Purpose Rooms
Make Your Spare Room Work Harder
DWS 44: Versatile Apartment Furniture
US and Online Furniture Stores
5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Wall Bed

Interior Design Styles
Creative ideas and step-by-step instructions how to implement your favourite interior design style in your home.

5 Creative Ideas to Introduce a Nautical Style in Your Home
5 Steps to Create an Art Deco-Inspired Interior
Home Decor: Industrial Style Interior
Home Decor: 5 Quick and Easy Tips to Decorate in Boho Style

Outdoor Decorating
Tips and tricks to make most of your apartment balcony.

How to Best Furnish an Apartment Balcony
DWS 09: Essential Things for Balcony Gardens

Downsizing Case Studies
Read and listen to the inspiring stories of empty nesters, who downsized their homes successfully. Learn about their challenges, how they mastered their move and why it was the best decision ever.

Embrace Clever Design and Live Smarter
DWS 48: Living with Less
DWS 43: Interview with Chris Johnson, CEO of the Urban Taskforce Australia
DWS 41: US Case Study on Downsizing

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