Last Saturday, I ran the second workshop of a 3-part series on Apartment Living in partnership with the Green Square Library, Sydney. The first session was all about de-cluttering and getting ready for the move to a smaller space or starting a decorating project. In the second workshop, I covered decorating styles and mood boards and gave a short introduction into the world of colour theory and psychology.

[pullquote1 quotes="true" align="center" variation="purple"]I thoroughly enjoy Bettinaโ€™s passion and expertise. Always interesting and I take away at least a few tips.[/pullquote1]

14 people, some of whom were repeating participants, could not wait to get started with cutting and tearing out inspirational images. Before starting the hands-on exercise, I introduced three methods to find your decorating style, one of which was creating a one-minute story of who you are. This exercise involves digging deep into your memory and writing a one-minute story about an experience in your childhood; an interesting exercise to go on a self-discovery journey. I then gave a short introduction about mood boards and explained why they are such great tools to work with when planning interior decorating projects. Finally, I explained the world of colour and why colour is such a powerful tool when it comes to interior decorating.

Here are five reasons why mood boards are such great visualisation tools:

  1. You will gain clarity about your project and find out if your ideas will work.
  2. Mood boards are a great tool for communication. Use your mood board to show your ideas to friends, family, or an interior decorator.
  3. Mood boards will help you take action and achieve the next step in your decorating project.
  4. You will tap into the right side of your brain and spark your creativity.
  5. You will hone your interior decorating skills.

It was a fun workshop with lots of happy faces in the end. Here are some images and impressions.

[pullquote1 quotes="true" align="center" variation="purple"]Very engaging ! The content was helpful and challenged to analyse and re-evaluate.[/pullquote1]

[pullquote1 quotes="true" align="center" variation="purple"]Hands-on, notes were great, very helpful and easy to understand.[/pullquote1]

To read more about curating a mood board purchase your copy of Downsize with Style and visit my author platform to download free checklists and resources to get started.

[colored_box variation="purple"]There were quite a few people interested in a half-day workshop to finish a mood board for a specific project. If you are interested in tapping into the creative side of your brain and at the same time save time and money with a curated mood board to use as a reference and shopping guide for your interior decorating project please contact me or leave a comment below.[/colored_box]




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