I recently had the pleasure to attend CopyCon, the Australian conference for Copywriters, organised for the second time by the fabulous Kate Toon. Kate is not only a lovely person, she also runs The Clever Copywriting School. I joined her tribe at the end of 2016 when I first read about CopyCon. And I have never looked back!

Sharing is caring. I won a the official Copybeast t-shirt for my social media efforts...

What I liked about the conference was the practical approach. Many presenters shared their writing, creativity and productivity resources that make a copywriter's daily life much easier. No matter if you were a newbie or established writer, there were golden nuggets for all of us. I found Dave Eddie's insights into Artificial Intelligence, Robert Gerrish's approach to deal with difficult clients and Cherie Clonan's tips how to improve your social media reach most captivating.

It was also quite reassuring to hear from Natasha David that working with Australian journalists and editors requires the same approach that I applied during my 16 years as a PR consultant in Germany.

Overall, I had a great day with lots of learnings, met some interesting writers and enjoyed the good food.

For a comprehensive wrap-up of the conference, read fellow TCCS member Anna Rogan's blog CopyCon 2018. Making copy great again.

For a handy creativity and productivity toolbox, check out Dave Eddy's CopyCon 2018 resources.

Plus, if you are interested in additional resources for freelancers, jump over to 25 Freelance Writing Resources, another list of helpful tools I recently discovered.

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