More and more people choose to live in low-maintenance apartments for various reasons: finding more time for travel and hobbies, saving money on furniture and appliances, decreasing energy costs or downsizing to start a new chapter of their life. According to a new poll commissioned by Urban Taskforce Australia in March 2015, 35 per cent of Sydneysiders are already living in apartments. The research revealed that an impressive 56 per cent of people in Sydney are involved in apartment living. Either, they own or rent one, buy an apartment as investment or plan to move into an apartment in the future.

Especially in smaller apartments, it is vital to make most out of your prime living spaces and optimising the use of one spare room. Think about how you would like to use this room and which furniture pieces are the essentials to make that happen. Versatile and flexible furniture is the key to creating a stylish and functional space with multiple purposes. Read my recent ideabook on houzz to learn how to make most of a small spare bedroom.

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