Who does not love the simplicity and elegance of Scandinavian design? Those of you, who follow my blog, know that I'm a big fan of BoConcept. Our friendship started back in 2013 when I contacted them to discuss a possible cooperation for my book Downsize with Style. They offered me to host my book launch in their classy Sydney flagship store in Crows Nest.

In the past years, I have regularly mentioned their versatile and functional apartment furniture range at my downsizing talks and events. Now they are launching some pretty cool dining tables. Consider our four tips when choosing your table and you won't get it wrong.


Milano Dining Table, Image: BoConcept.

1. Size Matters

The most important factor when selecting the perfect dining table for your space is to consider the size and shape of the space it will fit into. It’s a good idea to get a measuring tape out and make a note of exactly the dimensions of your dining area. As a guide, allow between 120m and 130cm between the table and the walls as a minimum. If you’re big on entertaining guests over dinner but only use it for family dinners on a day-to-day basis, then choosing an extendible dining table like the Milano Dining Table is a great option. It features a clever design where you simply pull out the two ends of the table and another section swiftly pops up in the middle to increase the length. The mechanism has been designed in a way that one person can easily make the transition, without any of the usual cumbersome, awkward transitions with lower quality tables.



Torino Dining Table, Image: BoConcept.

2. Business or Pleasure?

With more and more people working from home, a lot of people need their dining table to double up as a working desk too or even a boardroom table. The Torino Dining Table has been designed with exactly this in mind. It’s as perfect in a boardroom setting as it is an elegant dining table to entertain your guests. The sleek, minimal design and 90 degree edges allow it to be joined with another table to form one long table seamlessly. The contours of the legs are reminiscent of the wings of a windmill and offer a beautifully organic feel to the table.


Wembley Dining Table, Image: BoConcept.

What is Your Dining Table Style?

What is your style? If you want to opt for a more casual table, the Wembley dining table is a classic and simple Scandinavian style dining table on angled legs. Or for a more formal but adaptable design, you could opt for the Monza table, which has a supplementary tabletop, offering the ability to extend the size. The Monza comes in a range of finishes and offers a slightly more luxurious feel.

For a more child-friendly and solid option without any sharp edges for your kids or grand children to bump their heads on, the round Granada dining table is a perfect choice. As it offers the ability to extend and has a weightier structure, it will be more resilient against any knocks and bumps over the course of time.



Monza Dining Table, Image: BoConcept.

4. Light Up Your Table

Consider the lighting in your dining space and how this will affect the look and feel of your dining table. Perhaps you have a pendant light or spotlights over the table like the Pine Cone, or you add a table lamp such as the Mix on the table for softer lighting. If you have a pendant or spotlights make sure they have a dimmer controlled switch so you can adjust the mood and atmosphere of your dining setting. For night time use, invest in some unscented solid candles to create that extra cosy atmosphere in winter.

To take a look at any of these stunning designer dining tables, visit one of BoConcept’s furniture stores in Sydney, located in Crows Nest or Moore Park’s Supa Centa. Speak to one of their Interior Design Consultants in the store about customization options.

For more Scandinavian-inspired design, go to: www.boconcept.com.au

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