It is the time of the year to think about and write down your major goals for 2015. Have you thought about your New Year resolutions?

When I started thinking about mine, I realised that I first need to reflect on 2014 and acknowledge what I have achieved this year. When writing down all my work and private milestones for 2014, it became obvious that I have just finished a massive year, jam-packed with activities, events, and things ...
and I looked at it in a totally different light. I felt really proud of myself!

In this episode, I share my exercise of reflecting my year and my milestones. I also talk about my New Year resolutions and how I became clear about them.

I hope that this will help you acknowledge your year and define your major milestones for 2015!

The launch of the Downsize With Style podcast was a major milestone for me in 2014. Just before Christmas, the downloads climbed to over 350 – constantly increasing on a weekly basis over the past three months.

I would like to thank every single person, who listens to my podcast! I will be back with new episodes in 2015! If you find this podcast valuable, please return the favour and leave a rating on iTunes. I will be forever grateful!

Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year!

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