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Bettina Deda is a Creative Mentor and Writer with a Bachelor in Business Administration and more than 16 years experience in public relations, project management, and corporate writing (Tech, Software, IT Consulting, Hospitality & Tourism). After moving to Australia in 2008, she followed her creative calling, studied Colour & Design in Sydney and self-published the first practical style guide for empty nesters downsizing to apartments, Downsize with Style, in 2014.

Bettina attended the following courses at the Australian Writers’ Centre: Life Writing, Advanced Life Writing, Interior Design Writing, Profile Writing, and Copywriting. She is a member of the NSW Writers’ Centre and the Australian Society of Authors.

She offers copywriting, content marketing, writing coaching, and book editing for entrepreneurs and corporate teams. She also wrote freelance for design and lifestyle magazines.

In 2017, she started an online business in the health and wellness industry. To learn more, visit What is Arbonne?

Bettina lives on Sydney's Northern Beaches, has two teenage sons, and is a passionate ballroom dancer.

Her current book project is her midlife memoir Dare to Dance.

The first chapter of her memoir was published in the international anthology The Turning Point, released by Exisle Publishing in October 2021.


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Back Story

Born in a small country town in the southwest of Germany, I always loved to surround myself with beautiful things. At the age of 12, my mother introduced me to the creative arts. We went to the theatre, the opera, and art exhibitions. Art, architecture, and design have always been close to my heart; however, I was not courageous enough to study interior architecture but went for a degree in Business Administration. After graduating, I worked for three years as intern and editor in an editorial office in Mainz before I started my career in public relations at Fleishman-Hillard Germany. After three years, I changed to Fink&Fuchs Public Relations in Wiesbaden where I worked for 13 years for corporate clients in the IT and consumer electronics industries. I managed teams up to ten people before I was promoted to be a member of the management team with a focus in Business Development and Agency Marketing.

Married to an Australian, a beautiful apartment, a successful career in public relations, I was well settled in my Wiesbaden routine. My life was ordered and predictable, and I liked it that way. However, there was always the dormant desire to work creatively, to paint and draw, to connect to the world of art and design.

One day in 2007, my husband came home and told me that a company in Sydney had offered him a job. I instantly felt that this was the sign from the Universe I had waited for in the past ten years – after I had lost my grandmother and mother within a couple of months in 1998.

Although it took all my courage, I decided to leave everything behind that meant something to me: my family, my friends, my career and our beautiful family home.

In June 2008, I arrived in Australia with my husband, my two boys and four suitcases to start a new chapter of my life.

Following my creative calling, I immersed myself in the world of drawing, painting, writing, and dancing.

As a creative mentor and writer, I draw upon my background in public relations, corporate communications, visual arts and design to help others accomplish their creative goals. In 2014, I self-published a practical style guide for empty nesters to manage their downsizing project successfully. For entrepreneurs and corporate teams, I offer copywriting, content management & marketing, writing coaching and book editing services.

In 2015, I started writing about my life. I revealed my journey from an uneducated background in country Germany to the world of art, design, and writing in Sydney. As a wife and mother, I stumbled into peri-menopause in 2016 without knowing a lot about what was going on in my body. On the 31 December 2016, a very profound spiritual experience turned my life upside down, and I started questioning many things including my marriage. Roads that I had travelled had come to an end. At the same time, I discovered the one thing the lifts my spirit and feeds my soul: ballroom dancing. Dare to Dance is my story of exploration and transformation in midlife. I am on a mission to inspire women around the globe to celebrate midlife as an exciting phase in their lives rather than the beginning of the end.

As my journey led me onto a path of living more consciously, I started an online business in the health and wellness industry in 2017. To learn more, visit What is Arbonne?

I live on Sydney's Northern Beaches with two teenage sons. I love reading, meditation, yoga, and Pilates. My greatest passion is ballroom dancing.


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