Dare to Dance

A midlife memoir.

Dare to Dance is a memoir portraying midlife as an exciting phase in a woman’s life rather than the beginning of the end.

Women have huge expectations placed upon them in life to conform to what others think they should be - as daughters, mothers, lovers. I applaud Bettina Deda for writing a powerful and honest book that speaks about making decisions based on our own truth, and the transformational joy in all its many and magnificent forms that comes from that.

Lliane Clark

Artistic Director, Voices of Women

Dare to Dance by Bettina Deda, midlife memoir, ballroom dancing

I had no idea that a massage could change my life, but that is exactly what happened. 

Dare to Dance is my story of exploration and transformation in midlife. 

My memoir centres on my unsettling year of change in 2017 and sees the fallout from the Second World War influencing my German upbringing and my relationships with my parents. I eventually realised that I had been living my mother’s life, not my own.

In 2018, aged 52, I started ballroom dancing. 

My vision for Dare to Dance is to inspire women to celebrate midlife and to find their own truth. It requires courage, trust, and faith but great joy can wait on the other side of fear. I hope to encourage women to follow their inherent wisdom, hearts, and intuition – rather than buying into the myths around menopause and seeking validation from others.

I found my purpose in helping others raise their energy through a healthy lifestyle so that they can attract what they want in life.


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Dare to Dance, midlife memoir by Bettina Deda, author, writer, sydney


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Bettina Deda, writer, author, midlife memoir, dare to dance

Meet the Author

Bettina has a Bachelor in Business Management and more than 16 years of experience in Public Relations and writing. Originally from Germany, she moved to Australia in 2008. Following her creative calling, she graduated from the International School of Colour and Design in 2011 and self-published Downsize with Style in 2014. 

As a freelance writer, she was published in Australian House & Garden, Home Ideas Magazine, Jetstar inflight magazine, and the Retiree Magazine.

She started her life-writing journey in 2015 and is a member of Writing NSW, the Australian Writer's Centre, and the Australian Society of Authors. Other courses include an NLP Practitioner Training and energy work.

Bettina found her purpose in helping others raise their energy through a healthy lifestyle so that they can attract what they want in life.

Her midlife memoir Dare to Dance was published in April 2022 by MBW Publishing Enterprises, Munich. The first chapter, A Conversation without Words, was published in The Turning Point in October 2021. 

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