Downsize with Style Online Course

Attention Empty Nesters! Are you planning to downsize your home?

Would you like to make most out of your apartment lifestyle?

Are you interested in creating a happy home from day one?


If you keep reading, you will learn more about our new online course, which will help you overcome procrastination, stop feeling overwhelmed, sort out all your clutter and stuff, and stay organised while downsizing. It will provide you with a framework to transform your creative ideas into practical solutions.

Discover how to create a magic outcome by following our 5-step process to downsizing with style and achieve a happy home in a more compact space.

What's great about this course is that you can comfortably learn at your own pace when and where you like and revisit each module as often as you like. The best part about it is that you will reduce stress and save time and money at the same time.

In this course, you will learn

  • Why finding your unique decorating style is the recipe for a happy home
  • A proven method to de-clutter strategically and only keep things that mean something to you
  • Why finding your unique decorating style is the recipe for a happy home
  • A powerful method to visualise your abstract ideas
  • How to avoid costly mistakes through space planning
  • How to optimise storage
  • ​Tips & Tricks of professional stylists
  • How to decorate your home from your heart
  • How to spark your creativity

The Downsize with Style online course is wonderful. We have just moved from our huge family home to a much smaller townhouse. The course helped me every step of the way, from the initial planning, through de-cluttering excess stuff, to space planning and decorating the new home.

Downsize with Style has helped me identify my own style, I am no longer looking for styles to copy, but finding inspiration from many places and things, and finally feeling confident to style my home with things that I love. The space planning I learnt from the course was fantastic, helping me see what furniture and items we would keep and what to sell or donate before our move. On moving day, I was able to direct things exactly to where we had planned which made things so much easier. We are on a fairly tight budget, and with the space planning I was able to see ahead of time what items I would need to get in the future. I know exactly the shelving unit and size I want to get for our small hallway and am saving for it now. We are getting our new sofa delivered today and know exactly where it will fit thanks to the space planning Bettina taught me.

We have just moved in and still have boxes to unpack but so far I am really enjoying living in our much smaller home. I'm so glad we downsized now and can enjoy our home. I highly recommend this online course as well as Bettina's book and joining her Facebook group. She has lots of great podcasts you can listen to too!



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What is this online course about?

This is a self-paced learning course where we provide you with all of the course materials – consisting of 5 modules including audio files, slide presentations, handouts and other resources – for you to complete in your own time. Everyone learns differently, and we want to give you the opportunity to dip in and out of the course as often as you like. There is no timeframe, and you set the rules. Revisit a topic as often as you want. Listen to our audio files when and where you prefer.

Your online course at a glance:

  • Self-paced learning in 5 modules incl. audio files and slide presentations for you to download – valued at $149
  • A framework, based on our 5-step process to downsizing with style, helping you transform your creative ideas into practical solutions
  • Over two hours of recording time
  • Worksheets, checklists, and practical tips
  • Expert advice on smart downsizing strategies and apartment living
  • Exercises to spark your creativity and visualise your ideas

Your course 'Downsize with Style' has been so helpful. I thought I had things under control but the information provided was so thought-provoking, looking at the task from a different perspective. It's an understatement to say the course has improved my life. Thank you!



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I must say that this Downsize with Style 5-module course took me back to design school. It is packed with strategies, design concepts and abundant knowledge. The best thing about doing this course is that I now know exactly where to start with my de-cluttering, before I start designing new spaces again. Even if you think you know all this stuff, Bettina sets it out in very clear modules which enables you to come back and revisit for a refresher and keep you on track saving you time and money. I would recommend this course to anyone, who is downsizing to a smaller space, who wishes to redesign a room or space, who needs to de-clutter, or who is interested in finding their design style. Great course, thanks Bettina !




Bettina has a Bachelor in Business Management and more than 16 years of experience in Public Relations and project management. Originally from Germany, she moved to Australia in 2008. Following her creative calling, she graduated from the International School of Colour and Design in 2011 and self-published Downsize with Style in 2014. She is a trained speaker and workshop facilitator and launched an online course and podcast to promote her book.

As a freelance writer, she was published in Australian House & Garden, Home Ideas Magazine, Jetstar inflight magazine, and the Retiree Magazine.

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