As a creative mentor, I love helping people transform their creative ideas into practical solutions and thus accomplish their personal and professional goals.

With a background in public relations and corporate writing, I am committed to delivering a professional copywriting service for entrepreneurs and marketing teams. I also write freelance for design and lifestyle magazines.

As much as I love writing, I love helping people create a happy home in a more compact space. For homeowners interested in living with less, I provide downsizing and interior design services.

On my blog, I write about what I love most: interiors, decorating, and the Creative Arts. 

Work with Me

I invite you to work with me as interior design consultant, writer, speaker and workshop facilitator or connect as a reader or subscriber.


Here’s how to create a happy home. Visit Bettina Deda colour design to learn more about Bettina’s interior design services.


Looking for a freelancer or copywriter? Find out more about Bettina’s books and writing portfolio.


Planning a downsizing or property event? Bettina can customise presentations on various topics for your audience.


Looking for a workshop to gain clarity in a creative project? Learn more about Bettina’s workshops for corporate teams, entrepreneurs, and writers.

Latest’s Posts from Bettina’s Blog

Overwhelmed with Downsizing Your Home? Here’s What to Do

Starting your downsizing journey without direction is like going on a road trip in a foreign country without a map. If you don’t want to repeat the mistakes other people have made, do your research, listen to the successful stories of empty nesters, read inspiring case studies, and get advice from experts.

And enter our competition during the month of September 2016 to win free access to the Downsize with Style online course.

Downsizing 101 Part Three: How to Make a Mood Board

Mood boards are fantastic tools to rediscover your creativity and to visualise your abstract ideas. They will help you gain clarity about your project and communicate your ideas to others – your family, friends, or an interior designer. There is no necessity for any design knowledge to create a mood board. All you need it an open mind and the courage to embrace this creative process.

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