As a creative mentor, I love helping people transform their creative ideas into practical solutions and thus accomplish their personal and professional goals.

With a background in public relations and corporate writing, I am committed to delivering a professional copywriting service for entrepreneurs and marketing teams. I also write freelance for design and lifestyle magazines.

As much as I love writing, I love helping people create a happy home in a more compact space. For homeowners interested in living with less, I provide downsizing and interior design services.

On my blog, I write about what I love most: interiors, decorating, and the Creative Arts. 

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I invite you to work with me as interior design consultant, freelance copywriter and speaker or connect as a reader or subscriber.


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Latest’s Posts from Bettina’s Blog

Book Tip: The Dyehouse and Other Australian Text Classics

The Dyehouse is a book about the daily life of the working class in postwar Australia “when work was being radically transformed by new industrial technologies.” The author, who was born in 1905, was member of the Communist Party and later on the Labour Party and ended up working in a textile factory herself. As Fiona McFarlane points out in her introduction “Calthorpe was expected to protect the interests of the Company at all times; but, like Miss Merton, her sympathies lay with the workers. She began to take notes, thinking, ‘Oh well, while I’m preparing to write my great Australian novel, I’ll write this.’”

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Wall Bed

There are many reasons people think about purchasing a wall bed both in domestic and commercial settings. The beauty of wall beds is that they can also integrate desks, bookcases and lounges, which transform them into versatile and functional furniture pieces. With the right furniture, apartment dwellers will optimise the use of their space, save money in the long run and make most of their apartment lifestyle.

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