Monica Rosenfeld started Stories that Stir in February 2022 in Sydney. After attending my first event in June last year, I was hooked and kept returning.

The Stories that Stir event series was designed to break down barriers, stir conversation and inspire positive change.

Monica’s vision is to create a global Stories That Stir movement with more event locations across Australia and overseas.

After many sell-out events last year in Sydney and launches in Noosa and the Blue Mountains, I am delighted to bring Stories that Stir to the Northern Rivers.

Stories that Stir is a storytelling event where six people share a 10-minute raw and personal story, linked to a theme. The theme for our inaugural event on 12 October in the Kingscliff Beach Hotel is Resilience.

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You'll hear from the following six inspiring people who will be sharing their 10-minute raw and personal stories.

Stories that stir northern rivers launches 12 October 2023 in Kingscliff, Northern NSW

Joan McEwan 

From a working-class girl in Scotland, leaving home at 16 years, graduating as a Registered Nurse before migrating to Australia as a newlywed with a baby on the way, $200 in her purse and 2 suitcases.

Joan shares her story of resilience, and how she healed from an acute brain injury to becoming the Head of Health for a global Oil and Gas organisation before birthing her thought leadership business as an Intuitive Health and Business Mentor to support entrepreneurs, heal and succeed in life and business.

Luke Canham 

Discover the eye-opening journey of a director facing the unexpected decade-long aftermath of a staff's severe injury as Luke shares his ordeal and what he has learnt from it.

Kevin Lloyd-Thomas

In childhood, Kevin endured unspeakable violence. He ended up as a teenage soldier in Vietnam and also built a successful business. However, three years of unemployment shattered his spirit, pushing him to the brink of despair. Within a fraction of a second of ending his own life, Kevin found purpose in helping other combat veterans navigate their battles. 

Amy Livingston

Experiencing chronic illness in my childhood and adulthood alongside the passing of close family from cancer have been potent opportunities for building personal resilience. When everything fell apart, Amy leaned into neuroscience tools, holistic therapies, and spiritual growth to heal her severely damaged nervous and immune systems whilst managing chronic pain, inflammation, and mental health.

Keenan Crisp

Keenan's early life was marked by adversity, neglect, an eating disorder, and the untimely loss of his mother. These challenges shaped his resilient spirit and ultimately fuelled a successful army career as an Officer and elite paratrooper. Unaware that his struggles with rage, depression, and anxiety weren't normal, it took hospitalisation that triggered a 5-year sabbatical and a seismic shift of consciousness.

Bettina Deda 

Bettina had no idea that a massage could change her life ... but that is exactly what happened. In these defining moments of change, we have two options: We either use them as springboards for change to become more resilient, or we become a victim of our circumstances. The vision of her memoir Dare to Dance is to inspire women to celebrate midlife.

You can listen to previous stories on the Stories That Stir podcast.

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