In 2019, James Pease, Executive Director, Design and Construction at UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco, and Founder of the Lean IPD blog engaged Bettina Deda as content writer and editor.

The Lean IPD blog was a small, struggling hobby in a niche market with a lot of passion behind the ideas and concepts he shared with the design and construction industry. The ideas were there and he had a strong network but not enough time to produce the content and share it with the world.

Here is what the client says after three years of working together.

How did Bettina help you overcome those challenges? 

Bettina fills multiple roles for Lean IPD, going above and beyond the work of producing content. She is able to connect and interview industry experts and put their words into coherent and flowing ideas that provide actionable results for our readers. Bettina is becoming an expert in this niche field through her interactions with each of our contributors and is now able to make recommendations and guide the types of material that we share with our audience. She supports the backend of the blog as well, uploading content, writing author bios, curating photos and making sure we publish on a regular schedule.

How easy is it to work with Bettina? 

Bettina is the project manager for the content of the blog and the person who pulls it all together and makes it happen. She keeps me moving forward and holds me accountable for my commitments. She is effective in her communication and takes commitments seriously. Couldn’t do it without her. As far at the authors, all are extremely busy. Experience shows that they want to share their ideas but don’t have the time to put the words down on paper. Bettina has developed an efficient briefing process (usually a 30-60-min Zoom call) with each author and synthesizes the content into two to three excellent pieces of content. I get nothing but rave reviews from the authors who work with Bettina.

How has Bettina helped you achieve your goals with the lean IPD blog? 

The Lean IPD blog is now a recognized industry resource for design and construction professionals at the forefront of innovation and advancement in the industry. Many industry experts follow the detailed and curated content that Bettina facilitates and enables. Much of our content is shared and linked to by companies and universities, highlighting the quality of the information and its presentation.

What specific metrics can you share?

Since its foundation, the Lean IPD blog has published 65 articles of which over 80% went live with Bettina's guidance and leadership. We now have over 100 unique visitors per day on the site and over 50k views per year.

Bettina also does the project management of our monthly newsletter, which has grown to over 2000 subscribers with over 30% reading each issue on average. According to MailChimp, the newsletter engagement is over double the architecture and construction industry average and unsubscribes are half of the industry average.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend Bettina? 

Bettina is a joy to work with and the results are consistent and outstanding.


Lean IPD Blog
Feature image: James Sulivan via Unsplash

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