In order to create a happy home and refine your lifestyle you need to find out more about yourself โ€“ in other words: go on a self-discovery journey. Starting this process is part of our new workshop Downsizing 101. You will not only find out more about your personal decorating style, but also start your mood board to visualise your dream home.

You will also discover how de-cluttering your home will help you simplify your life. Getting rid of physical clutter will free up your mind as well and create space to concentrate on the things that are more important for you.

Downsizing 101 is a workshop for those of you, who struggle to overcome procrastination and start a new chapter of your life. You will learn strategies to sort out all your clutter and stuff, to prioritise what to keep and to stay organised and in control of your downsizing journey.

Discover three proven strategies to achieve a stylish and functional home in a more compact space.

You will learn

  1. How to become more productive through storage optimisation
  2. How to avoid costly mistakes through space planning
  3. How to simplify your life through de-cluttering and start living a more meaningful life

I lived many years in apartments in Germany and experienced myself how important these three steps are when moving and downsizing. After studying colour and design, I also know how clever design can improve your lifestyle. So follow these three strategies to get a head start on your downsizing journey!

The next workshop will be at Castle Hill on the 27th February 2015.

Click here to learn more and to book your seat!

Imagine what it would feel like to finally overcome your procrastination, to sort out all your clutter and stuff and to work towards a stylish and functional home that incorporates your decorating style; a home where you can truly relax and re-energise and eventually refine your apartment lifestyle!

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