I recently was invited to speak at a downsizing event about property styling and how to best dress your home for success when selling. Over 150 people attended this information session with Andrew Winter from Selling Houses Australia at The Gracewood Community in Kellyville. The attendants asked a lot of questions about how to de-clutter and prepare their home for sale in which they have lived for 30, 40 or more years. After the presentations Andrew Winter led a panel session with Linda Coskerie, Seniors Real Estate Specialist and the third speaker, myself and three residents of The Gracewood Community. Visitors asked lots of questions about de-cluttering, preparing their home for sale and how to get started with downsizing to a smaller home. They also had the chance to hear first-hand how it feels like to live in a brand new retirement village like Gracewood.

I was pleased to receive very positive feedback to my presentation and decided to share it with you as a podcast.

If you are planning to downsize one of the first hurdles to take is selling your family home. In this episode of the Downsize With Style podcast – now available for free on iTunes –  I am talking about how to style your property for sale in order to achieve top dollar on auction day.

Chances are that you live in a large 5-bedroom house with lots of furniture and stuff that has accumulated over the past 20 to 30 years. After listening to this podcast you will have a toolbox of tips and resources to dress your home for success.

What I am going to share with you are the top 3 strategies to follow in order to create a wow factor in key areas of your home and to achieve the highest return on investment:

  1. De-cluttering
  2. Use the power of colour
  3. Make your house sparkle

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Any comments or questions are much appreciated in the comment section below. I am pretty sure others have the same questions and I am happy to answer all of them in future episodes. What would you like to hear about in the future?

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