Following our posts about the Autumn and Winter personalities in colour psychology I would like to introduce the Spring personality today. Each of the four colour seasons reflecting nature’s cycle has specific characteristics. The following collage represents the specifics of the Spring personality. Spring is all about energy, fun and living your life at the fullest.


Relaxed and Casual

Spring personalities are relaxed and casual, fun; they are often creative DIY decorators, full of inspiration, bubbling with ideas and love their treasured collections. They are easy to deal with, warm and friendly, born communicators and approachable natures. They are engaging and enthusiastic about entertaining and connecting people. They love helping and supporting other people and a harmonious environment. They are good at improvising and sometimes appear unorganised and impulsive.

Spring colours are uplifting, light, bright, warm, clear, and exuberant. There are no dark hues in a Spring palette. Spring loves pastel hues. Patterns radiate fun and excitement; think of polka dots, stripes and quirky floral and animal prints – anything whimsical. Textures are light, clean, and flowing, for example, satin or lace.

Your home is a reflection of your unique personality: it is filled with favourite things, collections of objects that mean something to you. You love op-shopping and hunting for fabulous finds on flea markets, antique shops or during general cleanup. Mixing and matching patterns and colours comes naturally to you. Your decorating style is relaxed and rather casual with washed floorboards, lots of scatter cushions and cosy rugs and throws. Visit my Pinterest board Colour Personality Spring for more images of colour schemes and interiors relating to this seasonal personality.

If you are renovating or planning to downsize to a smaller space invest the time to work out your colour personality. It will be so much easier to create your unique interior. Imagine how it would feel like to live in a home that makes you happy every single day!

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