Summer in Australia is almost over. The 1st of March is the official start of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Similar to the four seasons in nature, there are four different seasonal colour personalities in colour psychology. Today I would like to introduce the Autumn personality.

No matter if you are downsizing to an apartment, planning a room makeover or renovation it is helpful to know some basics about colour psychology. We all know and experience it day after day that colour influences our mood, increases comprehension and ignites action. In interior decorating, colour is the most powerful tool to master: it impacts on our wellbeing, our health, and behaviour. A different wall colour can change the atmosphere of a room instantly.

I regularly see people standing in front of the huge colour walls at the hardware store pulling more and more paint samples from the display, holding them next to each other, comparing the slight tonal variations, wondering what to choose for their project. Avoid wasting your time in paint shops and hardware stores by learning a process that colour psychology can offer you. Colour psychology will provide you with the necessary tools to be able to choose the right paint colours, textures, and patterns that will work together and create a happy home where you can relax and re-energise. Learn about colour psychology, and your interior will fall into place.

Before you start spending money, I recommend thinking about what you want to achieve with your room makeover. What would you like this room to do for you? What mood would you like to create? Try to define as many emotional keywords as possible. You will find handy worksheets and checklists on the Downsize with Style website to download for free. This exercise will help you gain clarity about your intentions.

Then, you need to identify the colour personality that best fits with the people who live in your home: yourself, your partner, your children.

I recently came across Fiona Humberstone's book Style Your Brand, which is based on a step-by-step process for business owners to define and communicate their personal and business brand. I applied this process to my business and thought it would be interesting to share it with you, as it is also used in fashion, image consulting, and interior design and decorating.

Reflecting nature’s pattern, there are four seasons in colour psychology: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each of these seasons is defined by specific characteristics, colours, patterns, and textures. Once you have identified what you want your room to do for you and how it should make you feel (see the above-mentioned worksheets) you can then choose the respective colours, textures, and patterns that will make your interior work.

I have compiled a collage that gives you an idea of the Autumn personality colour scheme.


The Autumn Personality

Autumn personalities are deeply interested in the world around them; they are ambitious, energetic, passionate, focussed, and born teachers or leaders. They love challenging the status quo; they are practical, organised, and authentic; they feel a strong connection with the outdoors, organic materials, and the natural environment. They are passionate about the things that are important to them.

Autumn colours are strong, earthy shades, warm, and intense but also muted. Think of autumn leaves, harvest festivals, and Thanksgiving. Patterns are organic, no sharp edges, squares with rounded corners. Textures are grained or woven (wool or tweed), recycled, uncoated, and natural.

In your home, you love a cosy, vibrant and textured interior with a warm palette of browns, oranges, and greens. Natural, organic textures, such as linen, wool, or tweed, take pride of place. Overall, your interior will be welcoming and inviting. Visit my Pinterest board Colour Personality Autumn for more images of colour schemes and interiors relating to this seasonal personality.

Do these colours, textures, and patterns speak to you instantly? If yes, you most probably are an Autumn personality - or, as Judith Briggs names this personality in her book Bye Bye Bland, an Earthy personality. You might realise that you are attracted by more than one colour personality, which is quite normal. However, to work out the main colour palette for your interior, it is important that you commit to the colour season that best represents what you want to achieve. What makes your interior unique is mixing and matching elements from the other personalities into your space.

I know it sounds a lot of work and effort but I guarantee you that it is worth investing in this initial planning phase before you go and spend money on paint colour and furnishings. Imagine how it would feel like to live in a home that makes you happy every single day!

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