Attention empty nesters! Are you struggling to find the right place to live after selling your family home? Among the many decisions to make when planning to downsize, finding a new home is surely one of the most important ones. Choices are endless, retirement resorts and villages inundate you with lifestyle promises, questions of where and how you would like to live need to be answered.

As I am going to speak at the brand new Antegra Estate in Leppington on the 10th of March 2017, I thought I share three strategies with you how to narrow down your options when looking for a new place to live. Additionally, you can read my houzz article Empty Nesters’ Guide to Downsizing to an Apartment.

Strategy number one: Define your desired lifestyle

Before even looking for a new home, work out how your desired lifestyle will look like. Where would you like to live? In the city? Near the ocean? In the countryside? Overseas? It can be tricky if you live with a partner and he or she prefers the opposite of what you envisage. Maybe you need to find a solution where you divide your time between two locations.

The next question is how you would like to spend your time after downsizing. What is important to you? What hobbies would you like to continue? What are the things you would like to take up? Now is the time to think about all the things you postponed in previous years. Be courageous and sign up for that writing workshop, dance class or language course. Practise mindfulness and make the most of every single moment in your life.


Image: Pablo Garcia Saldana via Unsplash.

Strategy number two: Do your online research

Once you have worked out where and how you want to live, start your research. Make use of online tools and websites, such as Seniors Housing Online, to get an idea of what’s out there and available for your budget. Listen to Episode DWS04: How to Find the Right Retirement Village to hear about the most important steps when looking for a place to live for yourself or your parents.

Narrow down your options considering your budget and your desired lifestyle and plan your next step: visiting the place, checking out the facilities and getting a feel for it. Always listen to your gut feeling and trust your intuition.

Strategy number three: Attend Open Days

Take the opportunity to attend Open Days or downsizing events held at retirement villages. I have spoken at several new villages and resorts in the past three years and noticed that they are quite popular among empty nesters; especially if there is the chance to talk to residents, who have made the move and never looked back.

My next presentation will be part of a day-long retirement expo at the brand new Antegra Estate in Sydney’s Southwest. Antegra is a master-planned estate with low-maintenance living in architecturally designed free-standing two- and three-bedroom homes including a double garage and ample storage. If you are interested in attending, please call 1800 740 674.

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