Being an Art Month Ambassador, I was privileged to visit a couple of art collector’s private homes in Sydney last year. Each home had a very different style, but they had one thing in common: they were personal and liveable homes, homes with heART. They were colourful, layered with texture, and fascinated the visitor with an unpredictable placement of artworks throughout the home. Three-dimensional objects stuck out on living room walls, sculptures decorated side tables, shelves, and windowsills, and a video installation, almost randomly placed on the floor, had meditative effects on the viewer. The juxtaposition of kitsch objects, unknown painters and famous artist’s works next to each other made the arrangements even more intriguing.

Read my ideabook on houzz Australia to discover how art collectors create personal and livable homes.

If you have never dared to enter an art gallery – March is the perfect  time to step out of your comfort zone and into one of over 100 galleries around the city, opening their doors for art lovers. Art Month is your chance to discover and explore contemporary art in Sydney. You can talk to gallerists, artists, and art collectors. Attend an artist-led tour and hear directly from the creator what art is and what it means to the artist. Check out my earlier post here.
Image credit: Art Month Sydney


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