A few weeks ago, Judith Briggs, a fellow colour consultant and friend of mine, released her book Bye Bye Bland, How to Create Sensational Spaces Using Colour. As I could not attend the official book launch in June, I met her at the International School of Colour and Design, where we both studied, for a morning tea last week.

Bye Bye Bland is a handy and practical colour guide easy to carry with you when shopping or researching colour options. The book covers a 4-step process to incorporate colour into your home. Judith is an expert in her field and shares her extensive knowledge in her new book.

Part 1 looks at how we see colour and how colour affects our body and emotions.

Part 2 will help you define your colour personality, which is an important step when planning to decorate your home. This step includes identifying colours and tonal variations you are drawn to, patterns you prefer, and decorating styles you like.

Part 3 is about designing your colourscape and developing a concept board for a particular space.

Part 4 addresses challenges when decorating with colour and how to overcome these hurdles. You will get tips how to style the finishing touches through accessorising.

I particularly enjoyed reading Part 2 where Judith introduces Carly, Julie, Helen, and Monique – four friends and book lovers with very different colour personalities and decorating styles. These chapters are not only very informative; but they would also make a great start for a novel...

What are your colour and decorating challenges? Share your comments below!


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