Do you have an idea for a book and don't know how to start?

Are you working on a manuscript and feeling stuck?

Do you have a completed book sitting on your shelf and need publicity?

I am excited to announce a new collaboration with three industry experts: WriteTellSell.

With our combined industry expertise in business and creative writing, profile photography, website design, and global advertising and publicity, we are here to help budding authors get their books published. After self-publishing Downsize with Style and pitching my memoir Dare to Dance successfully to a commercial publisher, I know the pros and cons of each journey.

Tapping into our knowledge and resources, authors will learn how to successfully write, publish, and market their books. Whether they want to self-publish, pitch their business book manuscript to a commercial publisher, or have a completed book sitting on their shelf, we have their back.

What’s great about WriteTellSell is that authors can focus on their brilliant ideas and write the best book possible without worrying about how to build an author platform, how to get professional imagery, or how to approach the media for publicity. 

Our Services include:

Writing Coaching & Editing

Headshots & Imagery

Advertising & Publicity

Website Design


Interested in learning more? 

Feature image: Jonas Jacobsson via Unsplash

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