I love reading magazines and can't pass the newsagent without scanning the shelves for interesting reads.

The other day, I learned about a new lifestyle title, called Breathe, in the podcast of the Australian Writers' Centre. They announced it as a new title covering everything that helps readers living more mindfully and enjoying the present moment.

As I practise yoga and meditation for almost eight years now and love reading new magazines, I was instantly hooked and found a copy of the launch issue a few days later at my local supermarket.

Breathe and Make Time for Yourself

I couldn't wait until the evening when I could "make time for myself" – as the subtitle suggests – and immerse myself in this new magazine. I read it from beginning to end in one go. It is a treasure trove of tips and resources to practise the art of paying attention to everything we do on a daily basis. The launch issue presents a smorgasbord of inspiring articles, practical tips, step-by-step guidelines, and craft projects in five columns: Wellbeing, Living, Mindfulness, Creativity, Escaping.

Wellbeing, for example, covers steps to forgiveness, useful tips how to get a good night's sleet, an introduction into yoga styles and instructions how to make a native flower bouquet.

Living not only tackles approaches to de-cluttering but also suggests a selection of stylish and functional storage containers to keep your possessions in order. You will find a guide to edible flowers and a story on rediscovering the lost art of letter writing – one of my favourites.

The creative therapy includes instructions on how to start doodling and unleash the hidden artist within you.

All of this valuable content is embellished with beautiful watercolour illustrations and striking imagery and photographs. Plus, there is no advertising that interrupts the reading experience.

Overall, a great new addition to the magazine world and hopefully one that will stand the test of time. Breathe is published bi-monthly by Lovatts Media.

Subscribe to their newsletter or the magazine if you are interested in making each moment count. You could win one of five luxury spa days.




The other title, I stumbled across in Bangalow, a small country town in the Hinterland of Byron Bay on Australia's east coast, during our week away at GAIA at the end of last year, is Womankind. As I learned in the bookshop where I found it, the magazine comes from Bangalow, exists for a few years and is published four times a year.

Womankind addresses women, who are interested in discovering more about themselves, their identity and their position in society. Each issue has a specific theme and covers stories, reportages and commentary on culture, society, science, creativity, nature, and philosophy. The stories are interlaced with inspiring quotes.

What attracted me to this publication in the first place was the beautiful layout and imagery. Striking artworks and illustrations are scattered throughout the pages, some of them ready to be cut out and framed.

I love that it's advertising-free. As the editor states on her website, the magazine is funded via subscriptions and sales at bookstores and newsagents. Readers can also support it by purchasing their certified organic tea brand 'Poet' either online or in the Poet Bookstore in Bangalow.

Check out Womankind online or subscribe to start looking at your life from a different perspective.

I would love to hear from you if my blog has prompted you to get one of those magazines.

What are some of your favourite magazines? Leave us a comment.


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