The popularity of colouring in books is undisputed. I love colour; I love drawing and painting, but I have to admit that I can’t succumb to this trend of colouring in books as a relaxation tool. Anyway, I respect that a lot of people do and, as my local bookshop confirmed the other day, colouring in books are still hot sellers.

For those of you, who would like to colour in bigger and bolder than just on an A4-page, wallpaper companies have come to rescue. Most of you will know that wallpaper has regained huge popularity in the past few years, and the choices are literally endless. The discerning homeowner can have his or her wallpaper printed to individual colour specifications or blow up a treasured holiday photo to decorate the living room wall.

If you want to go even further – this is nothing for milquetoasts, though – tap into the right side of your brain, spark your creativity and check out the following colouring in wallpaper designs.

Frames Black & White by Graham & Brown

Not confident enough to create your gallery wall? Go with Frames Black & White, one of the most iconic wallpapers of the British supplier. It provides a blueprint for your creative wall. You can colour in, stick favourite photos, drawings, or postcards on the paper - the world is your oyster. And if you need a change just remove and swap your artworks. Apart from using it in kid’s rooms, I envisage it in your study, the living room or as a feature wall in your entrance.

Frames Black & White by Graham & Brown.

Burgerdoodles by Emily Ziz

The Paddington-based textiles and interiors studio is one of my favourite suppliers for colourful, extravagant fabrics and wallpapers. The Burgermash design comes in black and white and can be transformed into a unique feature wall – depending on your drawing and composition skills. Use marker pens, felt tips or paint to create your wall design on this thick and heavy-weight product. Choose a monochromatic colour scheme to create a more relaxing, almost meditative, backdrop, or go bold and bright with rainbow colours to stimulate communication and interaction in your home.

Burgerdoodles by Emily Ziz Studio.

Chalkboard and Blackboard Stickers by 41Orchard

These stickers provide not only creative decorating ideas but also practical tools for leaving messages to your loved ones. Chalkboard stickers are easy to clean and remove from your walls. Use them in your hall or entrance area for welcome messages to your guests, in the kitchen to jot down your shopping list, or in your study to capture ingenious ideas.

Chalkboard and Blackboard Stickers by 41Orchard.

Use chalkboard paint as oversized writing pad

Most mainstream and boutique paint suppliers stock chalkboard paints these days. Try feature chalkboard walls in your kitchen or boardroom to unleash your creativity. The paint comes in a wide range of funky colours, such as orange, green, blue, purple, and red. Find some inspiration at Porter’s Paints, Dulux, or Murobond.

Forest wallpaper by tobechild

From Russia with love comes this creative Forest wallpaper available on Etsy. By only colouring single elements in different colours or using one colour for different elements – you can customise this design to your imagination.

Forest wallpaper from tobechild, available on Etsy.

What do you think about this trend? Would you try it at home?

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Feature Image by Alice Achterhof via Unsplash.

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