Here we are again! The new year has just started, and we have 365 days to go. Each day an opportunity to write a new page of your yearbook. What are your New Year resolutions? What are you going to do with every single day? What are your priorities?

Make 2016 a successful year by visualising what you would like to achieve and what is important to you in the next twelve months. After our success with our vision boards for 2015, my boys and I made a new board for our individual goals for 2016. It is a fun family exercise and encourages your children to think about their year and to practise working creatively.

My vision board focusses on three things that are on my wishlist for 2016:

  1. Developing my memoir to a publishable standard
  2. Becoming a feature writer for House&Garden
  3. Visiting Uluru and the Northern Territory

You can use the mood board technique for all areas of your private and professional life. I made a mood board for a new corporate workshop to encourage creativity and design thinking and another one for my business goals 2016.

If you would like to compile a vision board and don't know how to start, here are my eleven steps to get going:

Follow the eleven steps below to create your vision board for 2016!

  1. Choose a day to create your vision board.
  2. Buy a foam core board in an art shop; I recommend at least size A2.
  3. Gather a stack of magazines – you can use old ones that you have at home – and make sure that you have a variety of genres: lifestyle, wellness, travel, hobbies, interiors, etc.
  4. Go through your collection of cards, postcards, or other memorabilia you kept for more inspiration.
  5. Collect paint chips from a hardware store.
  6. Find natural objects, such as stones, shells, seed pots, or driftwood, from the beach, bush, or your garden.
  7. Prepare your worktable with coloured pens, markers, glitter, ribbon, glue sticks, and tape (double-sided tape is very handy).
  8. Start tearing out inspirational images, cutting out text, and gathering everything that speaks to you and tells the story of what you want to achieve in 2016.
  9. Curate your items on your board and give it a name.
  10. If you are happy with your board, start fixing your chosen items to it and display it where you can see it daily.
  11. HAVE FUN!


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