Get a sneak peek into the new furnishing trends for 2016/17 that will be presented at the worldwide largest fair for contract and residential textiles, Heimtextil, opening in Frankfurt, Germany, from January 12 -15, 2016.

Well-Being 4.0 is the overarching trend for soft furnishings in the upcoming two years. The human being is at the heart of any design process with a strong appeal to the senses. Well-Being 4.0 is all about creating a sense of relaxation and calmness in our lives. At the same time, technology and science play a major role in the textiles of the future. The number '4.0' represents smart, digital, and customised solutions. According to the US-based WGSN Group, who is responsible for the Theme Park concept at Heimtextil 2016, "we need to find ways of connecting what's natural with what's artificial".

[pullquote1 align="center" variation="purple" cite="Lisa Douet, WGSN Group"]In addition to respecting technology, we have to ensure that natural materials and handcrafted products have a place on the design shelf of the future too.[/pullquote1]

Well-Being 4.0 is divided into four pioneering projects:

  1. Protect: good for us
  2. Energise: digital dreams
  3. Nourish: sensory design
  4. Enrich: appealing to all the senses

Protect: good for us

Protect means to protect our physical and psychological needs. Silence becomes the antidote to our technology-dominated world where we find it harder and harder to disconnect and do nothing. The design aesthetics are clean, crisp, understated. This trend goes together with wellness products and detox programmes.

Energise: digital dreams

Brilliant, glossy colours and contrasts play a major role in this highly energetic trend. Fluorescent colours pulsate with dark electric-blue hues. Light creates intangible shapes and dynamic contours. The digital world is merging with our physical world; the borders between online and offline are blurred. Technology is a major tool to boost feelings of well-being.

Nourish: sensory design

Nourish celebrates hand-crafted, artisan products. Natural materials go hand in hand with pioneering design. Urban landscapes embrace natural elements and create a sustainable world. Green is the central colour of this trend. Apart from all shades of green, the colour palette celebrates dark tones of brown and grey – mirroring natural elements such as stones and soil.

Enrich: appealing to all senses

The trend Enrich takes us on a journey to the Orient showcasing iconic patterns, and rich metal colours, such as gold, brass, and bronze. Materials are shimmering. This trend focusses on opulent, highly decorative elements blending cultural references with the past and future.

Watch the Circle of Wellness video to learn more about "the perfect balance between minimal and ornamental, slow and fast, nature and culture, retreat and connection, past and future."

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All images: Heimtextil, Messe Frankfurt GmbH

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