Dulux recently released the colour trends 2016 – titled Design Age.  According to their trend forecasters, people look for the unique, the bespoke, and the individual to add a sense of luxury and distinction to their lives. In our highly technology-driven world, we long for handcrafted products that connect with us. Good design is becoming more and more important. Therefore, Dulux has chosen four design professionals to make bespoke products illustrating each of the trends:

  1. Biofragility
  2. Retroremix
  3. Futurepast
  4. Infiniteworlds


Insect wings, rock formations, or cracked earth – all the wonders of Mother Nature – are the source of inspiration for this trend. 'Employing nature’s innate features transforms materials and forms into beautiful, unexpected and unique designs that somehow feel more human.'


A riot of colours – soft pastels and muddy hues clash with bright orange, turquoise and green – characterises the trend Retroremix. The 50s, 60s, and 70s are more popular than ever and invite the courageous home decorators to mix and match styles and colours to create an eclectic and unique interior.



'As we move towards the future we look for reassurance from our past. We are drawn to contemporary designs that evoke reassuring memories.' Objects and references from the past are reassuring and ground us in the fast-paced digital era. Rich decadent colours, such as olive green, dark brown, and gold, are mixed with mustard, pink, and purple.



'As our planet becomes overcrowded we explore the innovative possibilities of unknown worlds.' Dark colours, such as midnight blue and petrol, mixed with bright red, coral and pink are the foundation for this colour trend exploring unknown territories and infinite spaces. Moons, stars, and galaxies are our sources of inspiration.

All images: Dulux.com.au

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Which one is your favourite colour scheme? Tell us in the comment section below.

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