There are many reasons people think about purchasing a wall bed both in domestic and commercial settings. The beauty of wall beds is that they can also integrate desks, bookcases and lounges, which transform them into versatile and functional furniture pieces. With the right furniture, apartment dwellers will optimise the use of their space, save money in the long run and make most of their apartment lifestyle.

Specialists like the Tasmania-based company Fold out Furniture offer a plethora of options to suit all budgets and design briefs – from basic mechanisms for the DIY enthusiast, flat pack beds for self-assembly to imported and customised Italian beds.

Sue Frendin, Managing Director of Fold out Furniture, explains that her clients come from all walks of life seeking solutions to make the most of their spaces – be they large or small, domestic or commercial.

"Buying a wall bed is an investment, and therefore it is crucial to identify peoples' challenges and to find the right solution on the market. We help our customers identify their problem and then work with them to compare different beds on the market – looking at the features available and what provides the best fit for their needs and budget," Sue sums up their services.


Images courtesy of Fold out Furniture.


Here are five reasons why you should consider a wall bed:


  1. Making a room work harder

Do you have a spare bedroom with a big bed that is not used for most of the year? As people are looking to use their space more creatively, they are reclaiming unused space to make spare rooms more functional – a wall bed with a desk or a lounge transforms the spare bedroom into a home office, craft room or an additional living area. But when family and friends come to stay, there is very comfortable bed as well. This applies not only to the main home, but also in holiday homes, granny flats, boathouses, or even garages.

  1. Not wasting space

When it comes to choosing a place to live, the location is the most important factor for most buyers, no matter if they are first-time buyers or empty nesters looking to downsize. They sacrifice space for their preferred location. Therefore, they need to make the existing rooms work harder. The costs of keeping an empty room to accommodate guests a few times a year is becoming a luxury people are questioning.

  1. Living with Less

Living with less and more sustainable is becoming more and more popular among Australians. Many choose to live in smaller homes and low-maintenance apartments. They aim at minimising travel times, reducing costs and enjoying an urban lifestyle with direct access to community facilities. Wall beds are perfect partners to the tiny house movement, container housing and cottage renovations.

  1. Increasing flexibility and profitability

Bed and breakfast owners, Airbnb hosts and hotels are looking at ways to provide more flexible sleeping arrangements for their guests. Student accommodation and studio apartments are also taking advantage of wall beds, paired with full desks and comfortable lounge options, to ensure the spaces can double function.

  1. Employing carers for family members

If you need to accommodate a nanny to look after your child or a carer for an elderly family member, wall beds provide a safe, comfortable and functional option. Even hospital wards find benefits in using wall beds that can be moved out of the way in the night reducing the handling of the old fold up beds by the nurses.

To discover how to optimise the use of your space, check out the Fold out Furniture showroom in Hobart or email to book a virtual consultation via Skype where you can explore the beds in the showroom, ask questions, examine features, and compare products.

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