I am looking forward to a three-week holiday in the European summer. For those of you, who are not going away during the cooler winter months in the Southern hemisphere, I have put together some tips to fight the winter blues and create a cosy and warm atmosphere in your bedroom.

Your bedroom is a great place to express yourself! It should be your sanctuary and more than comfortable. It is your place to relax and chill out. So make it as personal and intimate as you like. Neutral colours or pastels in blue, green and grey create a calming atmosphere and suit both women and men. Add a splash of your favourite colour in cushions, decorative objects or flowers.

Tip 1: Use the Power of Colour

Colour is the most powerful tool when it comes to interior decorating and the design element that makes a space come alive.

In winter, choose colours from the warm side of the colour wheel (red, orange and yellow) to brighten up your home.

Red is the most stimulating colour and associated with high energy, movement and excitement. Reds can be fiery, passionate, sophisticated and warm. There are many shades of red to play with: blood-red, blush, brick, burgundy, flame, scarlet, rose to name a few. Use red as an accent in your bedroom to create energy and excitement. Red works well with other warm colours like orange and yellow, the neighbours on the colour wheel.

The colour yellow is associated with optimism, happiness, and the sun. It enhances positive thoughts and creativity and signals power. It gives a warm, happy and welcoming feeling to the entrance of a house. Bright yellow works best as accent colour and pairs well with shades of grey for a very contemporary look. Neon yellow is currently very trendy and looks great as accent colour paired with pastels. In general use yellow in artwork, cushions, decor or an area rug to inject a splash of colour to your interior.

Orange is a secondary colour mixed out of red and yellow and, therefore, combines the energy and drama of red with the happiness of yellow. Temperature wise orange is seen as the hottest of all colours and great to fight the winter cold. It induces a feeling of warmth, fun and creativity.

Tip 2: Light up Your Space

Lighting shapes the interior and can make a huge difference in any space. To create mood and atmosphere in your bedroom use different light sources: a pendant, bedside table lamps, or wall lights for reading, and a floor lamp to illuminate a corner. When assessing your room, think about where you want to have the light distribution. Surfaces like walls, floors and ceilings reflect light. Consider the colour temperature of your light. Fittings with warm light will help you beat the winter blues.

The easiest and least expensive way to add warm light to any space is using candles. Cluster them on your mantel, a side table or a shelf in your bedroom to create mood and a romantic atmosphere.

Tip 3: Master the Art of Layering Texture

Cushions and throws are easy to change and replace throughout the year. Consider changing cushions between rooms in your home. Layer different colours and textures (cotton, wool, mohair, linen), combine warm neutrals with reds, oranges or shades of purple to add a splash of vibrant colour to your interior. Watch out for cushion warehouse sales where you can grab a bargain.

To layer patterns, choose a common colour scheme for your different patterns. Start with a patterned rug and keep adding cushions, art or accessories. Add one piece at a time and step back to see the overall look. If it doesn’t feel right, change single items and note the difference. To find inspiration browse interior design magazines, blogs or books and adapt your favourite ideas to your home.

Tip 4: Define Your Bedroom with an Area Rug

Use a rug to make a statement and add texture in your bedroom. You can even layer two rugs on top of each other to achieve a wow factor in your bedroom. Consider a round rug to break the pattern of rectangular shapes in your room. Do some research online – according your budget – and narrow your selection down. Then go shopping. The better prepared, the easier and quicker you will find a suitable piece. Watch out for factory sales. These are a fantastic opportunity to make a fabulous find.

Tip 5: Let the Sunshine in with Flowers

One of my favourite tips is decorating with flowers. Flowers belong to the things that make the most impact in interior styling. They come in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes. Browse florists for inspiration and ideas. Be careful with the strength of their scent for use in your bedroom. Buy fresh flowers every week to brighten up your day – you don’t have to spend a fortune if you buy them at a flower market. I like buying a bunch and arrange the stems in a few vases to decorate different rooms.

What is your favourite bedroom decorating tip in winter?

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