The other day, I was asked by a client to help her with her daughter’s bedroom, who had moved out of the bedroom she had shared with her little sister and now occupied the spare bedroom, which was also used as guest room. The challenge was to create a multifunctional space in a small bedroom, which had a Queen-sized bed dominating the entire side of the only wall with a window. Additionally, the girl wanted a desk and decorating her new room in Boho-style.

As her mother had read my book Downsize with Style where I recommend to work with a mood board to visualise your ideas, the girl had already started a Pinterest board with inspirational images. She invited me to join her board so that I was able to add some of my suggestions to her image collection. She had filled her board with images of canopies, fairy lights, dream catchers, patterned tape and quirky wall shelves.

Inspired by this consultation, I thought I have a closer look at this decorating style and compile a list of five easy steps to achieve this look in your home. The word Boho, short for Bohemian, originates from Bohemia, part of the Czech Republic, and a former kingdom in Central Europe under the Habsburg rule from 1526 to 1918. People with an unconventional gypsy lifestyle are often called Bohemian.

If you have never felt happy in a clean, cool, minimalist interior, you might want to try the Boho decorating style. The good news: you don’t have to break the bank to redecorate your home. Browse second-hand stores, charity shops, and markets to discover fabulous finds. And, as always, follow your gut instinct and go with what you love! Ready? Here’s how to get the look of contrived dishevelment in five easy steps.

Step 1: Play with colour
Work with colourful accessories if you don’t want to repaint the walls. Warm hues – think of raspberry, strawberry, plum, orange, vanilla, and earthy browns – evoke the romantic look and feel of the Boho style particularly well. Feel free to add a splash of dark blue, lemon yellow, and gold to jazz up the colour scheme.

Sunny, bright and warm – this feature chair adds some fun to your Boho interior.

Step 2: Add floral patterns
Paisley and flowered fabrics are central elements in Boho interiors. Add them in curtains, cushions, rugs or throws. If you are not confident enough to cover your windows with floral patterns, use a piece of your favourite fabric to stretch it over a canvas for your unique wall art.

Snuggle under a sea of flowers with this colourful design from Bluebellgray.

Step 3: Bring in oriental elements
Think of the ethnic styles from Persia, India, China, or Turkey to add some oriental flavour to your recipe.  Wall lights, mirrors with intricate frames or leather pouffes can do the trick.

Blue Morrocan leather pouffe, $199 from Inspired2Give.

Blue Morrocan leather pouffe from Inspired2Give, $199.

Step 4: Master the task of layering
Mixing and matching the things you love is the recipe for a successful Boho room makeover. Layer colours, textures, and patterns and build up a space brimming with your personality. You can’t go wrong if you follow your heart. Your personal collections – artful cluttering in other words – are the ingredients for a happy Boho home. No matter if you live in a 5-bedroom house or have just downsized to a small apartment – this decorating style works everywhere, as you can build up your decorative elements step-by-step and tweak as you go.

Step 5: Use quirky accessories
Go with moody light chains, dream catchers, mobiles, or a quirky wall light to add your personality to the space. Sleep under the stars by draping a canopy over your bed and decorate it with a light chain. A bedside table or console with consciously placed personal objects is part of a Boho interior.

This deer wall light adds a quirky element to any room.

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