Following our post from last week about the Autumn Personality I would like to introduce the Winter personality today. Each of the four colour seasons reflecting nature’s cycle has specific characteristics. Have a look at the following collage, which represents the Winter personality look and feel. If you love black and white interiors with a touch of luxury and bright feature colours you are most probably a Winter personality.


Ambitious, Born Leaders

Winter personalities are self-assured, ambitious, born leaders and experts in their field; they are straight forward and tell things like they are; they are glamorous, dramatic, decisive, intelligent, and disciplined; they like to stand out from the crowd and value luxurious brands. They can be perfectionists and often demand respect from others. They appreciate quality of craftsmanship and value great design. On the other hand, they can appear intolerant and unsentimental.

Winter colours are cool, strong, clear, and bold and metallic. Black and white are the foundation of the winter colour palette. Think of icy blue, bright pink, neon yellow or red as accent colours. Add a touch of gold for a luxurious look and feel. Geometric patterns are favourites for Winter personalities. Generally speaking, patterns are sharp, edgy, and defined. Textures are chrome, leather, stone, glass, glossy and shiny.

In your home, you love glamour and sophistication. Your favourite combination is black and white with accents in bright feature colours. Clutter is something you can’t tolerate. You love it clean and organised. Visit my Pinterest board Colour Personality Winter for more images of colour schemes and interiors relating to this seasonal personality.

If you are renovating or planning to downsize to a smaller space invest the time to work out your colour personality. It will be so much easier to create your unique interior. Imagine how it would feel like to live in a home that makes you happy every single day!

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