Summer is upon us, and after a long winter of hibernating indoors we are eager to enjoy the outdoors again. However, for those close-to-the-city urbanites, space is somewhat a distant reality and enjoying what little space you have seems like a bit of a stretch. Fortunately, there are ways you can furnish your apartment balcony into a comfy and cozy little outdoor retreat. Here are some examples which we think will inspire you for the coming months.


Most manufacturers are aware of the growing demand for balcony furniture these days, so it isn’t hard to find something that is both comfortable and practical. Take these outdoor Sofas for example, made from powder coated aluminum (easy to carry up those stairs!) along with removable slip covers that are designed to withstand the elements. These are a great way to enjoy your small space in comfort and style. All you need to do now is add a little coffee table and some cushions, your favourite book and a cup of tea for some well-deserved YOU time.

Table & Chairs

A practical combination! There are an array of small coffee table and chair combo’s out there that are perfect for small areas such as a balcony. The main thing to consider, however, is the materials they are made of, as balconies aren’t designed to carry lots of weight. Wicker or rattan sets are your best options. They are light, durable, and comfortable and with recent technological advancements, they are also extremely weather resistant. If you’re that pressed for space, just google the term “space saving balcony furniture’’ to be truly inspired!

Sun Lounges

A one man band is all you need sometimes. If your balcony receives a lot of sun during the day and is not quite big enough for a couple of people, then a sun lounge is your best bet. Again, opt for a wicker or rattan design to avoid any extra weight on the buildings structure. Add little side table to hold that drink and you are set for an afternoon of sun shining bliss.

Make It Your Own

Practical solutions are one thing, but making it feel like home is another. Plants are a great way to add an element of natural to your space and also make you feel like home. A pot or two will can also add privacy to your balcony. If you don’t quite have the room for standing pots then opt for space saving balcony pots. Rugs, cushions and lighting will certainly add that extra charm too.


Living in an apartment block doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t enjoy your outdoor area. The trend is now well established in Australia and people are demanding quality and practical designs, and manufacturers are listening. Be sure to do your research on the many products that are now on offer and that will help you utilise what space you have outside.

This blog post was sponsored by Cosh Living.


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