Welcome to the Downsize With Style podcast show to help you create a happy home and refine your new lifestyle!

A I keep getting a lot of positive feedback to my book I decided utilise another media channel to share my message with you  -  the Downsize With Style podcast show for people, who are planning to downsize and prefer listening to my message while cooking, walking or driving. We spend so much time in the car these days – why not using it for education and inspiration?

The first episode is an introduction of myself and my journey into the world of colour and interiors. I am also talking about what inspired me to start this show.

The Downsize With Style podcast is for you if

  • you are planning to downsize
  • you have started the process already
  • you need assistance in defining your new lifestyle
  • you are getting your property ready for sale
  • you have bought a new accomodation
  • you would like to learn a stylist's tips&tricks to create cosy home in a smaller space
  • you are interested in storage optimisation in a smaller space
  • you are looking for practical tips and advice, but also inspirational encouragement to help you downsizing with style

As I would love to answer your questions in future episodes, why not leaving a comment below with topics that interest you or challenges you would like to get solved? I promise I will answer them all! I am aiming at finding topic hosts to discuss specific topics and provide professional advice. It is all about empowering you to make the right decisions and stay in control of your downsizing project.

Now, what are you waiting for? Click the Play button below to listen to the first episode.

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