Handling emotions and dealing with sentimental items is one of the hardest things to deal with when downsizing. We project our memories in our belongings and feel we will lose those memories when we do not possess the belongings anymore. To overcome those feelings, the first step is to understand that our memories are NOT in our belongings, but our belongings trigger our memories.

When Toni Konjin from Cherish Books contacted me to meet for a coffee a while ago I browsed her website and decided to share her story and business idea with you on my blog. From the research for my book I know that dealing with sentimental items is a big challenge for empty nesters and I think Toni’s idea of creating keepsake books for beloved treasures, art collections, and hobbies is a fantastic way of preserving these memories. So I asked her to be part of my podcast show and hope you will be inspired and get some ideas what to do with your sentimental items you can’t take into your new home.

More tips how to deal with sentimental items are available in my book Downsize With Style.

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