Have you heard of Feng Shui but don't know how to incorporate it in your home?

Feng Shui is the study of time and space and seeks to harmonise nature’s forces within your living or working environment. Feng Shui is 3000 years old and originated in China. It has been practised with a lot of success and is starting to gain in popularity in Australia. Feng Shui helps people increase their prosperity, abundance and improve their overall wellbeing.

Using Feng Shui can benefit you in many ways from improving your health and wellbeing to increasing academic achievement, minimising the chance of theft, gossip, conflict, lawsuits and financial loss to having more financial stability, retaining savings and making more money generally.

As empty nesters often start from scratch when downsizing to a smaller home why not incorporating some Feng Shui priniciples into your new space and improve your health and wellbeing?

If you have no idea how that works – don’t worry we are here to help. I have spoken with a Feng Shui specialist to shed light on this topic.

To learn more, listen to episode 7 of the Downsize With Style podcast.

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