A while ago, I came across an article in The Retiree Magazine from psychologist Fiona Robards, author of the book What Makes You Happy. The article summarised a chapter of her book where she suggests that the easiest way to feel happy and confident is to dress as though you already feel it. Fake it until you make it!

You choose how you feel! If you radiate happiness or confidence, people will mirror this and respond to you as though you are happy and confident, your self-image will be reinforced and the outcome is positive for everyone. Keeping yourself well groomed and looked after is a great confidence-booster.

Especially, when you are downsizing and starting a new chapter of your life, a little style makeover can be the right thing to do. This week, I am talking to Jane Liddelow from Style Makeover HQ how to de-clutter your wardrobe and find out what suits you best.

If you are stuck wearing the same things every day, and if you have a wardrobe full of stuff but never know what to wear, this podcast is for you.


Show Notes:

What Makes You Happy by Fiona Robards

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