Interested in living with less? Read on. A few weeks ago, I recorded a podcast with Lucille Rogers. She started a new chapter of her life in 2015 when she went with her family to travel through Europe for a year.

Her story resonated very much with my intention to de-clutter my life in 2017 and to focus what is really important to me.

For those of you, who prefer reading the interview rather than listening to it, I have summarised our conversation in this blog.

Why did you decide to leave everything behind and go on a yearlong travel experience?
We wanted to show our kids that the real riches in life come from people, relationships, places and experiences versus ‘stuff’. We also wanted to let them experience that the sun didn’t rise and set on our leafy neighbourhood on the North Shore of Sydney.

We cast our hearts open wide to the infinite possibilities a trip like this would bring and trusted that it would all work out well. Surrender and let go!

What was the most rewarding thing or event during your time abroad?
Being together; experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly of the five of us together 24/7 for 15 months. And, letting go of our stuff and stripping back to being just us, seven suitcases and a car. We were intrigued by the simplicity of that life.

What did you miss?
Our kids missed other kids as they spent the vast majority of the time with other adults and us. We missed personal space. My husband would slope off to wash the car everywhere just to have 20mins on his own. None of our physical possessions.

How has this experience changed you?
People say you have to leave home to find yourself. That is so true. For me personally, it was in the stripping away all the stuff and noise of our lives that let me get truly quiet for the first time in my adult life. Having experienced that quiet and what I now call my intimate relationship with what freedom feels like, I consciously seek to tune into that every day. I learnt to listen to my body and to be led by my feelings.

What did it mean for your business?
Because my business is location independent, it continued to grow and generate a residual income while we were travelling. Having this income was a part of us being able to go away in the first place. During the entire trip, I stayed in contact with my team. The real impact has happened after our return and having a renewed clarity about my message.

What are you passionate about today?
Sparking conversations with women about freedom. I want to continue to coach women in gaining clarity about what freedom means to them because I believe that the world needs more of us doing more of what makes us feel good. I am equally passionate about continuing to provide solutions for people to access more financial and emotional freedom, as the business model I work with is the smartest way I know how to help people achieve that.

Where can people find you online?
Instagram: @lucille_rogers

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